Saturday, 21 February 2009

SLA Industries' birthday - 23rd May

SLA Industries was conceived and first played on Saturday night, 23rd May 1987 - I was GMing the game, and the first player was Morton Smith (who went on to be one the game writers at Nightfall Games). It wasn't until around June, 1993 before the game would be published, but then, I was only 16 in 1987, and I couldn't get a business grant!

Originally, I wanted to go be an artist at Games Workshop when I left school. Unfortunately I was rubbish, and I didn't get the job (sigh...) but if I had SLA Industries may not have seen print.

(I did eventually do art for GW, around 2003 when I did a selection of freelance artwork for Black Library. The first commission was a Space Marine Chaplain fighting Gene Stealers - I was over the moon).

Dave Allsop