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BLA 33 - Zip Gun

BLA 33 – Zip Gun

‘He shot me! The prick shot me, man! I … I’m bleeding!’ – Frankie Wilks, 16 – Krosstown Traffic gang member (deceased).

It’s all fun and games until Shiver patrols get live rounds… For centuries the standard Shiver has taken the brunt of Downtown’s hostility. As soon as he stepped out from the safety of the APC he’d face the full wrath of the gangs, Carrien, serial killers, Props, even the pigs would consider him an easy target if they had enough time to crunch through the body armour. The Browbeater simply wasn’t a threat anymore, particularly when nearly every enemy the Shivers went up against was easily better equipped for combat than they were.

SLA Industries felt it was time to conduct a new experiment. Shiver Units in the worst areas of Downtown are gradually being reequipped with a new firearm that holds live ammo. Despite being produced by BLA the new pistol is shoddy in comparison to the typical weapons carried by Operatives, it even earns the nickname ‘Zip Gun’ they think it’s so bad. To the humble gang member though, this is serious, Shivers can kill you now. It’s time for payback for all the years they’ve been laughed off by the streets, and now they have bullets instead of ball bearings, things are going to change.

GM Notes

Not every Shiver is equipped with a Zip Gun, yet. These weapons will only be encountered in the most threatening regions of Downtown but this is likely to change over time.

Most Shivers are very excited to finally have weapons that can do real damage, and they’re eager to test them out whenever possible. The Zip Gun carry 15 rounds of the new 7mm in a clip, and the standard Shiver will use all them on one target. SLA has literally sent down crates of these bullets so it’s likely that the company wants to change the preconceived notions of the Shivers.

Operatives will most likely find the change something of an annoyance though. They’ll find that the Shivers start getting in the way, trying to join in on firefights, making suggestions on how to complete current BPNs and just generally trying to outdo SLA Ops wherever possible.

‘Hey, did you just see how that Carrien’s head exploded!? Yeah manI’m a crack shot with this thing! I told ya Bobby; I could have made it as a SLA Operative if it weren’t for my knees.’

– Standard Shiver Criddick, Downtown.

The Zip Gun is by no means the best firearm ever created, - it only does marginally more damage than a CAF round, and is a single shot pistol at that, but if an entire squad of Shivers is armed with one each they pose a serious threat to the local Downtown populace if they step out of line. The pistol is a warning from SLA; they plan to take back Downtown.

Weapon Stats

Type: BLA 33

Size: P

Clip: 15

CAL: 8mm (see Stats)

Recoil: 1

ROF: 1

Range: 10m

Weight: 0.5kg


7mm is a new bullet round specifically created for the Zip Gun pistol. The round was designed to be smaller, cheap and easy to produce, and couldn’t be used in any pre-existing firearms that the gangs or Props were currently using. There is only a Standard issue bullet type at this time.

8mm (STD)

DMG: 3

PEN: 3

AD: 3

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  1. I'd very reluctant to change something that Slayer explicitly refused in the stories in the core rulebook. I don't know why exactly he wants the Shivers as living prey for everything that stalks Mort but I always asumed there is some reason it has been like this for 900 years.