Friday, 28 January 2011

SLA Industries Official Announcement

Hi folks,

As Angus stated earlier on the Cubicle 7 forums, Nightfall Games sent over the completed document and art for HunterSheets Issue 2 in late Sept/early October. The release date will now be in June, 2011.
We're working on the next SLA sourcebook - (Shi'An Blood Cult), this is quite a big, and complex book to write and I think it will take a fair amount of time complete. We realise that we've been receiving some negative feedback regarding the release date but we *do* care about the SLA Industries and it's future.

I'm only able to work on SLA when I have time available, and working as a freelance illustrator that's next to nothing. If I could do SLA Industries full time again I would, but there aren't sufficient funds at Nightfall or Cubicle 7 to do so. As a result, books and source material is developed and released when time permits - this is, as they say, a labour of love.

As the paperbased material is taking so long to produce we are looking at other ways to improve our output. In the next few months we plan to release a series of short pdfs to support the game. We'll make a post regarding this next week.



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